English drama from 8 years



English drama from 7 years

English drama from 8 years

In our drama classes children get exercises to stimulate their imagination and improve their acting skills. They will work on role-play, improvisation, text interpretation and more. From the age of 8 till 9 they get one hour of acting per week. Is your child 9 years or older? Then, an additional hour of dance is part of the class to improve their movement and drama skills. Having fun is paramount in our classes, but ‘daring to play’ becomes more important as well. Of course, the children will be guided in this through various playfull exercises. 

English 8-14 year September – April
Engelish 15+ year September – June

English 8/9 € 260,-
English 9/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/14 € 375,-
English Studio 15+ € 515,-

Rabarber – Bilderdijkstraat 35

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